Specialist Outpatient Service

Focuses on internal organ and metabolic disorders and prevention of lifestyle diseases.


Recommended examinations if you are

Women usually experience hormone disorders that may be due to contraceptives or a bad diet. This means it is important to discover the cause of and find a way to prevent a disorder.

Blood count disorders are another frequent problem. For young people below 35, standard investigations usually include blood pressure investigations due to pressure fluctuations, heart rate investigations, fatigue syndrome investigations and investigations relating to viral diseases, whose complications may have different roots, and this also applies to metabolic disorders – namely, sugar and fat metabolic disorders. Lack of physique and the weakening of one’s body are among the consequences of these.

What is the difference between the internist and the general practitioner?

The general practitioner treats adults. The general practitioner cooperates with specialists, such as surgeons, infectologists, psychologists, ENT specialists and ophthalmologists. Among them are internists. The internist plays the role of a general practitioner and provides specialist aftercare.

The internist is a specialist focusing on internal medicine. That is a field comprising the following areas: cardiology (heart), angiology (vessels), pneumology (lungs), gastroenterology (digestive system), metabolism, hematology (blood), rheumatology (joints), nephrology (kidneys) and endocrinology (hormones and glands).

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Partners and References

The polyclinic at Kartouzská Street provides a broad range of specialist medical services. We are able to team up with any top medical provider in and around Prague where necessary.

In addition to providing standard care to our patients, we are a service provider accredited in the Czech Republic to carry out entrance and preventive examinations for a number of international naval companies. We also provide special and preventive outpatient care to companies.

Clinic has contracts with all Czech insurers and also is medical provider for Cigna and Vanbreda.

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List of treatments and our approach